being correct 100% all the time is a challenge. Calm down and be human. — 58 min 9 sec ago
RT : Aus aktuellem Anlass mal keine "Perle". Geht wählen! days 1 hour ago
Could you please provide link to GitHub? — 3 days 5 hours ago
Woohoo. Weekend. Time to update. Thanks days 5 hours ago
Ja, das passt days 5 hours ago
RT : In spectacular fail, Adobe security team posts private PGP key on blog days 14 hours ago
Hello , Wrote german blog post about app side notification.It took me by surprise days 14 hours ago
New post: Die Nextcloud iOS App überrascht einen Insider ;-) days 14 hours ago
Hello, thank you for your late response. Changelog on your website should be up to date compared to text file IMHO — 6 days 17 hours ago
Hargh hargh hargh. First I read "Bryan Adams" — 1 week 2 days ago
RT : in 1988 released "Leprosy" week 2 days ago
Sonntag Mittag. Bewache das Grillhähnchen und höre schönen Florida Death Metal der Neunziger 😜was kann schöner sein? 1 week 2 days ago
New post: Top 10 Songs - September 2017 | September 2017 week 2 days ago
My daily helper. Loving it😋 week 3 days ago
RT : Alice Weidel soll eine Asylbewerberin schwarz beschäftigt haben. Klingt, als hätte der seine Finger im Spiel🤔 1 week 5 days ago
iOS 11 is coming and I am curious. iPhone X? Won't be the first to try 🤑 week 5 days ago
Security through obscurity. Nope. — 1 week 6 days ago
Additional information: More than 50 healthy languages. More than 80 resources. Thank you and us! Lov… weeks 2 days ago
Hello users. More than 1000 persons are translating your favorite private cloud😲. Join at 🎉 — 2 weeks 2 days ago
Forgot to mention and Thank you Marino! — 2 weeks 2 days ago

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