RT : Ich leg mich fest: Die Kombi Schulz als Außen- und Seehofer als Innen- & Heimatminister ist ein genialer Hack der S… weeks 13 hours ago
There is a new app called „CanIUpdate“. Named app checks all your apps for compatibility w… weeks 1 day ago
RT : This meme is not getting enough attention weeks 1 day ago
RT : They say the proof is in the eating. has 2319 📈 private clouds updated without issues 🚀 We are proud 😍👌 weeks 1 day ago
RT : If you ever get asked why you should use DuckDuckGo instead of Google, here's a definitive answer by : weeks 2 days ago
RT : Wir hier im Rheinland kennen ja drei verschiedene Arten, den Buchstaben “G” auszusprechen. Keine davon klingt so, w… weeks 2 days ago
RT : Knock, knock, 13 is here. Finally! Let‘s embrace the future of collaboration with open arm… weeks 2 days ago
RT : 85% faster LDAP, up to 10x faster storage. Nextcloud 13 is out! weeks 2 days ago
RT : Nextcloud 13 introduces better, easier online productivity and smooth, integrated collaboration helping you get thi… weeks 2 days ago
Are there any recordings available? isnˋt showing anything suitable. — 2 weeks 4 days ago
Just upgraded my Mac to High Sierra and desktop client 2.4.0 stopped syncing. Had to remove account and adding it again. — 2 weeks 5 days ago
Ist halt so 😜 weeks 5 days ago
Oder fragt mich 2/2 Jeder ist willkommen. Schweizer und Österreicher? Klar doch ist Eure Sprache wichtig. Meldet Euch 2/2 — 2 weeks 6 days ago
Hallo an alle deutschsprachigen Benutzer: Habt Ihr Lust uns bei der Übersetzung zu helfen? Lest hier 1/2 — 2 weeks 6 days ago
Running my productive on a Pi and DB (MySQL) on my . Ready for now :-) Great docs: weeks 6 days ago
Lovin’ the news app and missing an up-to-date Mac OS client :-) — 2 weeks 6 days ago
Your page at Wikipedia isn’t up-to-date or? weeks 11 hours ago
Wow. After 3 years I am really drooling to be on Board again. Cheers to all German bands. weeks 1 day ago
Tried it immediately after my App Store feed showed it. Really nice. Congrats to . App Stor… weeks 1 day ago
RT : The amazing Mindmaps app lets you work on mindmaps together with your colleagues! weeks 1 day ago

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