Und Söder ist dann ok? — 2 days 47 min ago
RT : On 's 22th B-Day, I want to be nostalgic and I find a Linux 9.0 Live CD. It's the 1st Linux dis… days 57 min ago
RT : Good news: Nextcloud 14.0.2, 13.0.7 & 12.0.12 are available! Check your updater and upgrade. Remember, our minor r… days 15 hours ago
RT : It’s really nice if people just say thanks 👍 That’s what really motivates. Also the constructive feedback helps a l… week 4 hours ago
Die Weinig-Gruppe ist dabei week 7 hours ago
RT : Ich wusste gar nicht, dass Edmund Stoiber für den arbeitet. week 1 day ago
RT : Ist ok, aber spül hinterher ab und wasch dir die Hände. week 4 days ago
RT : "Final Nail in the Coffin of HTTP: Chrome 68 and SSL/TLS Implementation" via week 5 days ago
RT : Everybody should have access to their data, so we made 14 our most accessible product ever. 🏖️ easier us… weeks 31 min ago
Start on opensuse vm and enjoy version 2.2.2 :-) — 2 weeks 1 day ago
RT : So if you think your database does not need to process negative years of birth or such passports do not exist... weeks 4 days ago
RT : How much is your data worth? So much that Google just paid Apple $9 billion to be the default search engine in the… weeks 5 days ago
RT : Help test Contacts 3.0.0 alpha! Lots of issues fixed, very nice new features and increased… weeks 5 days ago
RT : Das ist SOOO großes Kino, das heute im Landtag in gezeigt hat: 39 |bands in 6 Minu… weeks 6 days ago
RT : Eben erst entdeckt.... aber trotzdem wert zu teilen, da es ja leider stimmt. weeks 4 days ago

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