Antworten Sie auf diesen Hinweis? Wie sehen Sie das, ? — 2 days 9 hours ago
Did not see you did any new release. Without thinking I did it the old way using console and updater :-) — 3 days 3 hours ago
Is VM from ready for NC18? — 3 days 4 hours ago
Hello, just seen . Content is outdated. Please maintain content. Thank you. — 6 days 23 hours ago
Bad answer ... Gnome rules? KDE rules? Does it matter which one it is? — 1 week 1 hour ago
Hello , , , , week 1 hour ago
Wenn es nicht so schlimm wäre, würde ich lachen 😝 week 4 hours ago
RT : Programming languages explained with music week 4 hours ago
Die Welt ist ein Buch und wer nicht reist, der kennt nur eine Seite. week 5 hours ago
RT : Nextcloud is taking a serious leap forward today by rebranding itself as “Nextcloud Hub,” to compete directly with… week 7 hours ago
RT : Nextcloud Hub: Version 18 der Nextcloud wird zur ausgewachsenen Groupware 1 week 7 hours ago
RT : Nextcloud Hub launched - 1 week 7 hours ago
Will search the kids room to find The ONE Android device to get into the dark :-) week 1 day ago
RT : Say 👋 to Nextcloud Hub, a big change for Nextcloud! 🗄 Files - workspaces, file locking 🤖 Flow - automates boring ta… week 1 day ago
Microsoft lost the Browser market, lost the mobile war. Now again with google technology? My reco… week 1 day ago
RT : Just use week 1 day ago
RT : Welche Farbe hat dieser Turnschuh? Auflösung: Wenn die rechte Gehirnhälfte dominiert, sehen Sie rosa und weiß. Wen… week 1 day ago
Bad joke 🤨 — 1 week 1 day ago
RT : Nutzlose Organe sehen den Nutz von Organen nicht. week 1 day ago
I am on the way to Berlin 😀 — 1 week 1 day ago

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