RT : Trump has a new Daddy now. hours 1 min ago
RT : 1/3 For years I've been happy with but after they announced that they would stop supporting other file sys… hours 24 min ago
New post: Top 10 Songs - August 2018 | August 2018 Another list of hard music. No mainstream. — 1 day 8 hours ago
What is the purpose of it? Description at App Store is very poor. Can you improve it? — 2 days 8 hours ago
RT : The GNOME Foundation provides a hosted instance of Nextcloud for GNOME foundatio… days 12 hours ago
Congrats. Unfortunately the is a paywall 😞 days 9 hours ago
Same here. Glad the journey started in 2012. week 1 day ago
RT : "Dropbox: -Nutzer ohne Ext4 werden ausgeschlossen" Vergesst und steigt um auf week 2 days ago
RT : If you use , a fan or both then please follow! week 2 days ago
Enjoy and keep up the awesome work. — 1 week 5 days ago
Mal ausprobieren ob die Cross-Nutzung von MS ⁦⁩ und ⁦⁩ dann einfacher wird. week 5 days ago
RT : -Aussteigerin Franziska Schreiber versichert an Eides statt die Schilderung in ihrem Buch, dass… week 5 days ago
Interesse ist da. Auch sollte cloudflare näher beleuchtet werden und wer noch DoH anbietet. — 2 weeks 6 hours ago
How to donate for thunderbird directly? Not Mozilla nor Firefox. Btw. Good work — 2 weeks 9 hours ago
RT : It's official. Thunderbird 60 is available to download today. Learn what's new in this awesome release:… weeks 9 hours ago
Update notification are in core now? — 2 weeks 9 hours ago
Schon mal live gesehen? — 2 weeks 9 hours ago
RT : .⁦⁩ married his high school sweetheart. He has 3 children by 1 woman. He has more morality in his pinky t… weeks 1 day ago
What are the benefits despite satisfying user requests? — 2 weeks 2 days ago
RT : Nette Beschriftung am Lokal: "Wir haben kein Wi-Fi, aber die Chefin spricht Deutsch." 👍 — 2 weeks 2 days ago

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