Top 10 Songs - Juli 2012 | July 2012

By rakekniven - Posted on 07 July 2012

Hier sind meine Top ten diesen Monat. Viel Spass!

Just typed my top ten of this month. Enjoy!

  1. Turbonegro - I got a knife
  2. Abwärts - Shakespeares Scheiss
  3. Ai se eu te pego (Krieg ich mehr als 10x pro Tag vorgesungen) 
  4. Tankard - A girl called Cerveza
  5. Metallica - Whiplash Live (Live shit, binge and purge)
  6. High Spirits - Where did I go wrong
  7. Bolt Thrower - Eternal War
  8. Twisted Sister - What you don't know sure can hurt you
  9. The Living End - Prisoner of society
  10. Schandmaul - Der Kurier

Was is Dein Hammersong im Moment?

What is your favorite song right now?


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