Little desaster with announcement translation

By rakekniven - Posted on 08 August 2009


IMHO KDE 4.3.0 is a fantastic release and promoting it is a must.

This time Jos Poortvliet did a fantastic job writing the announcement.
But it was too late for translators :-(
Translators had only 2 1/2 days before the release was done. That isn't fair.

So on 4th August (release day) we had english, ukrain, slovenian and estonian versions.
No french, german, italian, protuguese, spanish and (important) any asian translation.
Pooh, that's bad and btw. eastern europe beated us :-)

Before the last major releases it was Sebas who bothered people for ideas and content to build a high quality announcement. And not to forget, he did it right in time. This time different people worked on it and the workflow was ... different.

To prevent this kind of trouble I started to write my thoughts at
In the end we could have a nice howto.

Please feel free to add points I missed and maybe someone has a good idea where to put our "Howto manage announcements for KDE releases "?

Maybe we should add a point like "finish announcement" to the release schedules?


Putting it on the release schedule would not be a bad idea. This release quite a few last-minute changes were done, which screwed up the translation thing. Another issue is that I didn't really know how the translation process works - who to contact etc etc. Sorry about that. Next time we'll try to do better ;-)

Jos, I know that announcements stuff is new to you.

Writing the announcement is a ungrateful job Sebas said sometime.
Devs are not filling changelog in detail and in time.

I will add it to release schedule (it is already in my calendar) for KDE 4.4 :-)


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